Fantastic Contraption

A fun online physics puzzle game


Credits and Special Thanks

Colin Northway

The idea for fantastic contraption came to me in a flash one day.

I designed and wrote the game. I provided some art direction and some of my art is still in the game (it's the bad stuff).

But Fantastic Contraption wouldn't exist today if it weren't for the contributions of all the people on this page.

Thank you to everyone.

Andy Moore

Andy Moore is invaluable. His rich understanding of physics and puzzle game play helped steer Fantastic Contraption through development.

Now he is community manager for and is intrumental in keeping things running.

Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins did the art for Fantastic Contraption.

Her vision and skill alone made the game look as great as it does.

She also helped with the design and programming of the user interface and menu systems.

James Mark

James Mark wrote, performed, and mixed the music for Fantastic Contraption.

Without him the game wouldn't have any sound at all. His music adds energy and interest in a wonderful way I couldn't have predicted.

Other Testers

Mum & Dad, Alan Northway, James Anderson, Meghan O'Connel, Peter Ziemkiewicz all helped with testing and feedback.

Thanks to all of them.

Erin Catto

Fantastic Contraption was written with the Box2d physics engine by Erin Catto and other contributers.

It is a dream to work with. It is flexible, fast, and simple to use.

A portion of the proceeds from Fantastic Contraption will be donated to Erin Catto and the Box2d Project

Matt Bush

Thanks to Matt Bush for porting the Box2d physics engine to flash.

His Box2dFlashAs3 was a necessity for me and trouble free to work with.

A portion of the proceeds from Fantastic Contraption will be donated to Matt Bush and the Box2dFlash project.

Pez Cuckow

Everybody thank Pez Cuckow for kindly providing some much needed hosting for Fantastic Contraption. She takes the load off and makes sure the music doesn't die.

Level Designers

Thanks to MetallicDragon for 'Cave Escape' which is used in the tutorial.

Thanks to Paul Henshall Jr. (onion) for 'U-Turn'.

Those Who Came Before

Fantastic Contraption takes inspiration from some of the great physics games that are out there.

There are alot of really good physics games. Here are a few of my personal favorites: