Fantastic Contraption

A fun online physics puzzle game


Credits and Special Thanks

Fantastic Contraption was run by inXile for many years and in 2015 made a return to the stewardship of Colin Northway. These are the credits for people helping with that new effort. You can still see the Original Credits though.

Colin Northway

I designed and wrote the first Fantastic Contraption in 2008. It changed my life and allowed my wife and I to start Northway Games.

Sarah Northway

Sarah Northway (originally credited as Sarah Collins) did the art and helped with all aspects of Fantastic Contraption. She has spent the last few years working on her very succesful game series Rebuild.

Albert Pham

Albert took it upon himself to better the level and design searching/display by writing the FC Resource linked to at the top of the page. He made the game much better and I am grateful to his effort and skill.

Perry Ravet (PerryandBrock)

When the official forums fell to spam Perry started up a new place for Contraptionistas to gather, chat, and challenge eachother. His forum is linked at the top of the page and is now the official forum of Fantastic Contraption. Thanks for keeping the band together Perry!

Jason Dora

Thanks to everyone at inXile for running the game for many years. But I would like to personally thank Jason Dora who worked with me to transfer the game back to my server. During a critical part of the life of the game he went out of his way to make sure everything worked out.

All the Hardcore Players!

Wow, seriously guys, you've stretched the game in amazing ways. Seven years later and there are still passionate, caring players. Not many games get that. I'm thrilled I get to help guide this game and support this community.

2015 Level Designers

In 2015 the community designed and chose five final levels for the game. These are some of the designers integral to that process:

compscure, Doinkster, hero88go, ID36, inventeur61, jdelgado06, kala2500, ken75, kezzaatkin, lkjsafdhg, PerryandBrock, Rie and sp3000.