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User #293631: Tylo

From Tylo

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my Profile. I have absolutely nothing to say but Fantastic Contraption- Awesome game! This is a shout out to Dr. Phil, ~Jon~ ,AfroNanny, Hero88go,jonnychoob and el beef!!! You guys are all awesome and keep doin your stuff.You all rock.Also - Special thanks to my trainers! You made me brown! ~Hero88go, Afronanny, Betcha,jonnychoob and speedemon. Thanks. See ya. ~Tylo

My Levels

Ok, I agree, my levels may not be that good, but check them out anyway guys. They may not be good, but they are challenging and fun. So check 'em out and keep on playin! I will work on creating better and more challenging levels so check 'em out! ~Tylo


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