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User #703641: andrew 25

From andrew 25

Hello! You should read my "Welcome to My Profile" and "Past, Present, Future" blurbs if you wish to get to know me better.

Welcome to My Profile

I have created many levels in the past six years of playing this, but I have deleted them all because there were too many. But I have saved some of the old ones, and I'm still making more levels. My designs aren't the best but they're still good if you get to see them.

Past, Present, Future

Past: The past of myself in this game is very noobish, just go to my last page of designs and you'll see. I was a horrible contraptionist yet still got a few four ratings. Present: I make good levels, good designs, one of my favorite designs is BC Bridge. My levels are averagely hard, and I solve most of them if I get the time. Future: In the future when I become a better contraptionist is when I'll increase the difficulties of my levels, I have over 800 designs and counting, I hope you see me in the future!


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